I Am Average

I’m average…that’s the conclusion that I have come to today. As much as I try to not be, it does me no good, I can’t undo it. Average height, average weight, average skills living in an average place. I do average things for fun and drive an average car to an average job. Why is average so hard to swallow? Why have I tried to avoid being average for most of my life? I think that I have worked so hard to not be average that I have sometimes missed the exceptional that is woven through every chord of my existence.

I have an exceptional husband who has an exceptional love for me that I can neither explain nor describe. My kids are exceptional, not because they are great (even though they are of course) but because they are mine. They are born out of that exceptional love that I share with my husband and they remind me of what I did right. They love me back and somedays, that’s pretty exceptional. My parents are pretty dang exceptional too. They are in their 80’s and still travel and take care of themselves and they are my biggest fans. They love me exceptionally, more than I deserve or appreciate. My friends (both related and not) are exceptional. Their hearts are gold, pure gold. They are amazing people that are full of life and love and they love me, for some crazy reason, they love me. The people I work with and for are also exceptional. They are some of the hardest working people I know with more integrity than I can even fathom. They are amazingly exceptional and seem to actually love having me on the team. My clients are exceptional, for sure. They trust me to take care of them for reasons I will never understand. They are patient and honest and I’m grateful that they too are exceptional. All the exceptionality is overshadowed though by my God. He created the universe and every little idiosyncrasy within it, yet still knows every hair on my head. Not only does He know it, He also cares about it. He teaches me and guides me and loves me with an exceptionally unfailing love.

I don’t know why I’ve never seen it before honestly in my quest to overcome average, that glaring reality that I actually already am exceptional. Not because of me or of anything I could ever do or wear or say, but because of how the people around me see me and love me and fill up my cup until it overflows. I guess I’ve actually been exceptional all along.

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